Just a week after hitting the retail stores, Samsung released the kernel source code for Galaxy S23 – letting the independent developers in the wild make custom ROMs for these handsets.

But for some reason, Samsung has immediately pulled down the kernel site, citing maintenance, and now revived it. This move comes earlier than the last year’s timeline for Galaxy S22, which was rolled out at the end of February.

Kernel Sources for Galaxy S23

Samsung is one of the most trusted OEMs when it comes to software updates and flexibility – as the company has a long history of supporting independent developers and customer choices. In this pursuit, the South Korean giant has just released the kernel source code of the Galaxy S23 series – consists of a regular Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra.

This code would now enable independent developers to make custom ROMs for these above-mentioned devices, offering the users more choices of software. This comes on Friday, when Samsung published the Linux kernel sources for S23 models SM-S91xB and SM-S91xU but soon pulled down the site, citing maintenance!

Well, this is expected to be a temporary outage, as it is now revived. Interested developers can download the source code right away, with announcement files for clear details and even enquire about doubts. As we imagine the devs to be on this work already, what’s surprising is that Samsung released this code just a week after the handsets hit retail stores.

This is a couple of days earlier than last year’s timeline for the Galaxy S22 – where it dropped the kernel code in February end. Well, this could mostly be because of the company’s struggle to cope with two different hardware – where the Galaxy S22 has two variants as, Exynos and Snapdragon.

But in terms of Galaxy S23, it’s just powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for all the variants, making it easier for Samsung to focus on.


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