Reports suggest that Samsung may fit a new hinge in its upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5 – that could reliably avoid screen creasing issues this time.

Improper attachment of the top and bottom half of Galaxy foldables has long been an issue, damaging the display in multiple ways. But Samsung’s new hinge plan may create a waterdrop-style gap in between the two screens, thus avoiding creasing.

New Hinge For Galaxy Z Fold 5

Though people are rushing towards foldable smartphones, they’re still in the nascent stage of development. Even the popular players have foldables that still need to be bettered. And Samsung is leading the way with a new hinge plan.

Learning from the aches from its previous foldables, Samsung is reportedly planning to use a new hinge in its upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5, which could successfully deter the screen creasing issue.

New Hinge For Galaxy Z Fold 5

As per Naver, Samsung’s next foldable phablet will have the above hinge design – that would create a waterdrop-style gap at the center, thus avoiding the top and bottom halves of the display from rubbing against each other. This design may save the screen from unnecessary scratches resulting from frequent folding and also from creasing in the middle.

Though Samsung patented this design back in 2016, it hadn’t used it in any of its foldables till now. As SamMobile suggests, this could be due to Samsung’s way of preserving the IPX8 water resistance if it were to incorporate the new hinge.

The new waterdrop-style gap in between the screen when folded – has already been in Moto Razr all this time and is well worth it in saving the display. Lessening the stress at the display center would obviously reduce screen creasing, thus being better and much more reliable.


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