Making future fingerprint authentication more secure, Samsung is preparing to launch OLED 2.0 panels that come with All-In-One sensing support.

While these panels are slated to come in 2025, they can put Samsung as the market leader for a new biometric authentication era. The new panels will let users authenticate with three fingerprints simultaneously on any part of the screen.

All-In-One Sensing Technology

As reported by SamMobile, Samsung is planning to launch its next-generation OLED 2.0 panels by 2025 – that’d have the All-In-One Sensing technology to let users authenticate with three fingerprints simultaneously!

These impressions can be laid on any part of the screen – effectively allowing a free and easy authentication. Currently, OEMs are limited to fixing their fingerprint scanners on the bottom half of their device display, giving a small room for the users to authenticate.

But with OLED 2.0 panels, OEMs can effectively use the entire screen for fingerprint authentication – with support for multiple fingerprints simultaneously. This could increase the device’s integrity, which is 2.5 billion times in Samsung’s case when compared to the current fingerprinting scanners.

All Samsung wanted to do was to replace the current small scanner with a larger one that could accommodate multiple fingers at the same time. And this technology is expected to come in 2025 through Samsung’s OLED 2.0 panels.

The South Korean giant has already announced the key solution of this new tech, named All-in-One sensing, will be coming to its OLED 2.0 panels.

While the industry is convinced that a single fingerprint-based authentication is enough for processing payments and device security, it’s the innovation that pushes OEMs to go further and beat the market competition. And Samsung is doing just that with its in-house technologies.


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