Samsung released the Q1 2022 earnings report today, revealing astonishing figures in all divisions, mostly driven by smartphone and memory chip sales.

The company posted a strong operating profit and consolidated revenue in this quarter, which is 51% higher than that of the same period last year. Even with some seasonal demands and uncertainties from war, Samsung continued to earn better in every division.

Samsung Q1 2022 Earnings Report

In many countries around the world, Samsung has been the go-to brand in most electronics. With this image, the South Korean tech giant has earned over KRW 14.12 trillion ($11.12 billion) in its Q1 2022 – a 51% higher amount than that of the same period last year.

Further, the earnings report mentioned a consolidated revenue of KRW 77.78 trillion ($61.2 billion), where KRW 26.87 trillion ($21.14 billion) from that is gained through memory chip sales! This division of Samsung has stood out from the crowd, beating market expectations, since the demand for PC and server chips remained strong.

Samsung’s foundry business too has posted strong growth in the quarter, although Samsung worried that this might get slowed down in the next quarter with a shortage of critical components.

Coming to the smartphone division, Samsung posted higher profit (KRW 3.82 trillion or $3 billion) and revenue (KRW 32.37 trillion or $25.5 billion) in Q1 2022. It’s mostly because of the success of recent launches Galaxy S22 ultra and also the push of 5G handsets.

Though Samsung was caught in the app throttling controversy last month, its premium phones saw a 20 percent higher demand than its predecessor’s. And at last, the company talked about the rise in sales of its new tech – QD-OLED based smart TVs in key markets.

It debuted at the CES event this year, showing the audience a better experience than the current OLED panels. Samina also noted the hit it took from Russia’s war with Ukraine, where it has a plant in manufacturing Russia, which is also its key market.


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