Samsung started the mass production of 3nm-based chips late last month. And now, it held a ceremony for the first shipment of its 3nm chips from its South Korean office.

Announcing so, Samsung said it cleared all the hurdles faced throughout the making of 3nm and is ambitious to be the best in the world. It highlighted the use of GAA technology in its 3nm process node, which results in low power consumption and better performance.

Samsung 3nm Chip Technology

Taking the lead in the chip-making industry, Samsung last month announced to commence the mass production of chips based on a 3nm process node. While it didn’t specify to whom it’s producing them for, it now says the first batch of these has been shipped.

Marking this milestone, the company held a ceremony at the V1 line of the Hwaseong Campus in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, today. This event was attended by around 100 people, including Samsung Electronics CEO Kye Kyung-hyeon and Changyang Lee (Minister of Trade, Industry, and Energy).

Saying that it’s ambitious to “go forward with innovative technology to become the best in the world,” Samsung Foundry VP Jeong Ki-tae said that all the technological hurdles hindering 3nm chip development were solved with collaboration beyond the company – although majorly through the other business arms of Samsung.

The company also highlighted the use of GAA (Gate All Around) technology for its 3nm chips, which resulted in better performance and power efficiency. Samsung earlier noted that using GAA technology instead of FinFET garnered 23% more performance with 45% less power consumption.

This technology is able to power servers and data centers too. Thus, Samsung has been working on it since the early 2000s. While it’s set to advance further with GAA technology, TSMC is yet to start mass production of any chips based on 3nm technology.


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