In a move to attract more users, Samsung is expanding its library of TV Plus – a free ad-supported streaming package that Samsung includes in all of its devices.

The new content includes TV shows like Top Gear, Law & Order Special Victims Unit, NCIS, and Chicago Fire. Alongside, there are two exclusive channels – Ride or Drive and Samsung Showcase to the TV Plus. Further, the company said it plans to increase its video-on-demand library with new partnerships soon.

New Content on Samsung TV Plus

One of the best things Samsung provides to its community is the TV Plus service – a free streaming package it bundles with all of its devices, like the Smart TVs and Galaxy smartphones. And since last year, the company even opened TV Plus for all through a web version – that requires no signing up to stream the content.

It mostly contains news channels, a handful of sports, and a few lifestyle ones. Samsung said the TV Plus saw a 100% growth in consumer viewing since last year, with viewers streaming 3 billion hours globally. Thus, seeing that demand, the company is now expanding the library to offer more options for streaming.

The new edition includes two new Samsung-owned channels: Ride or Drive – a channel for car fans, and the Samsung Showcase – a channel dedicated to “concerts, events, and special programming.”

And there are a handful of TV shows too, like Top Gear, Law & Order Special Victims Unit, NCIS, and Chicago Fire. Further, Samsung is planning to bring the A&E content to its TV Plus with a new home improvement-focused channel called Home.Made.Nation.

While it specified plans to extend the local news and weather coverage to more US areas, Samsung is also partnering with Lionsgate, Vice Media, and more to double its video-on-demand library in 2023. The Samsung TV Plus is already having over 1,600 channels split across 24 countries, and expanding this will only make it better.


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