ShinyHunters, the ransomware group behind several attacks against notable companies this year, is now leaking the stolen data for free! Reports tell the databases leaked by ShinyHunters contains about 386 million user records stolen from 18 companies, all available in a hacker forum.

ShinyHunters Leak 386 Million Records!

The ShinyHunters gang had hit notable firms like Wattpad, Chatbooks, and even Microsoft’s GitHub earlier this year! They have been so active to exploit the latest vulnerabilities and infect computers with their payloads and steal sensitive data before encrypting the systems.

The group, just like others, would demand ransom for the decryption key, and forces the victims by threatening or even leaking some of the stolen data. And now, it’s dumping hundreds of millions of records in a dark web hacker forum for free! Starting July 21st, the ShinyHunters have been leaking about 386 million user records from 18 companies they had stolen from.

The victimized companies list include the following names;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Some of these companies have surrendered, yet the group follows to leak openly. And when asked by BleepingComputer for a reason of doing this, ShinyHunters replied as

I just thought: ‘I’ve made enough money now’ so I leaked for everyone’s benefit. Some people are a little upset because they paid resellers a few days ago, but I don’t care.”

Impacted companies in this incident have been contacted by the BleepingComputer, but none have responded. Further, a verification of the details in some databases has proven right. Thus, it’s advised to change credentials if you’re using the services of any of the companies said above.


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