A cybercriminal group, identified as ShinyHunters, is now selling data of user records worth over 73 million, obtained from ten various companies. This was found in a hacking forum in the dark web, for a price of $18,000. ShinyHunters is the same group that hacked Tokopedia last week, which is Indonesia’s largest e-commerce platform.


73.2 Million Records For Just $18,000:-

This hacking group has sold the Tokopedia’s database of over 91 million user records last week for a $5,000 sum, and now trying to sell more of their breaches inspired by it. Hackers claim to have breached the data of the following companies,

  • 15 million user records of Chatbooks, a printing service.
  • 30 million user records of Zoosk, an online dating app.
  • 6 million user records of SocialShare, a South Korean fashion platform.
  • 8 million user records of Home Chef, a food delivery service.
  • 5 million user records of Minted, an online marketplace
  • 3 million user records of the Chronicle of Higher Education, an online newspaper.
  • 2 million user records of GGuMim, a South Korean furniture magazine
  • 2 million user records of Mindful, a health magazine
  • 1.2 million user records of Bhinneka, an Indonesia online store.
  • 1 million user records of StarTribune, a US newspaper company.

The total database sums up to more than 73 million user records, scraped from ten different companies. This is set up for sale for a price of $18,000, with each database being sold separately. ZDNet claims to have obtained some records and verified them to be true. And few Cyber Intelligence corps have even certified this hacking group is authentic.

This group is attributed to Gnosticplayers, a popular cyber-criminal group that had sold over billion user credentials last year! The shift of threat actors moving from demanding just ransom to leaking or selling stolen data is inevitable. So the companies should be cautious to avoid such undesired cyberattacks. To date, only the Chatbooks have responded and disclosed the breach formally.


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