Viewers and the host of BBC Weather has today witnessed a funny moment that took place on live TV. As the meteorologist Tomasz Schafernaker was explaining about the weather conditions of Minneapolis, he was interrupted by his watch’s AI assistant where it disagreed with his sayings.

While Schafernaker was discussing snowstorm in Minneapolis, he was interrupted by Siri, Apple’s digital voice assistant he was wearing on. Siri, as listening to what his boss was speaking of, had cut his explanation in between and disagreed with his thoughts. As Schafernaker was telling about snow falling symptoms in the area. Siri immediately interrupted the talk and said claimed there’s now snow in the forecast at all!

Siri Interrupts a BBC's Weatherman and Disagrees with His Forecast
Apple’s Siri

This situation turned into a hilarious moment that’s further carried by the host. He asked Schafernaker that he made it up or something, and laughed. Schafernaker apologized for his assistant’s intervention and tried continuing his explanation. He later exclaimed that he should’ve taken the thing off before starting.

This shaming or actually funny act is shared by the BBC itself on its Twitter handle.
It said,

“When you’re a weather presenter and your watch contradicts your forecast” with a video of Tomasz explaining and interrupted.

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Source – PCMag


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