If you’re embracing for 5G this year, raise your expectations even further with this new technology called – Laser LiFi. A company called SLD Laser is making a new technology that can shoot Wi-Fi signals typically, resulting in astronomical speeds even for consumer houses. The tech is said to be coming soon this year, after being revealed in CES 2020 earlier.

SLD Laser is making a chip that’s capable of doing several things. And fibre connectivity is just one of those possibilities. LaserLight fibre can deliver a broad spectrum of white light throughout the home if set. All it needs is the light-emitting equipment, instead of a Wi-Fi router. Here, it’s leveraging the optical communications instead of radio frequencies to deliver data.

Future of speeds

Laser LiFi Promises to Deliver 100 GB/s Internet Speeds, Better than 5G
Laser LiFi Promises to Deliver 100 GB/s Internet Speeds, Better than 5G

The firm’s planning to stick their LiFi routers (emitters) to the ceiling of houses, where it can deliver data of 100 gigabits a second speed throughout the room/home. This is way up than what we’re using now. And even the upcoming 5G is set to deliver speeds of 1 GB/s. While the maxim they can go practically could be 100 GB/s, but this would cost infeasible for consumers.

Further, LiFi can enable data transfer speeds of 20 GB/s, due to its usage of optical lasers rather than radio/Bluetooth connections. Further, usage of such lasers could be dangerous to human eyes, but SLD made them into white light instead of Blue, thus safer.

Other products of this firm include SMD laser light, emitting 100 times more luminance than current LED bulbs and others. The German company is set to launch its gadgets soon this year, after gaining enough attraction in Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year.

Source – Spectrum


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