Snap rolled out a new feature update to its Snapchat+ subscribers that highlights them in new ways in the community.

These include exclusive backgrounds to Bitmoji avatars, custom icons for the Snapchat app, putting Snapchat+ users’ replies over the regular users’ in the stories of Snap Stars, and custom setting an emoji to be viewed by friends after they have seen your status.

Snapchat+ New Features

Snapchat has set a new record by gaining over one million subscribers to a paid service – Snapchat+, which it launched in June this year. This was huge, considering the number of people subscribing to a paid service in less than two months span.

A report from Sensor Tower last year revealed that Snap had gained over $5 million in revenue from the new paid service since its launch, with some subscribing to the regular $3.99 a month plan while others are going after the 6-month and 12-month plan of the same.

Running on that pace, Snap rolled new features to its Snapchat+ customers, as follows;

The paid tier can now access a bunch of new and exclusive backgrounds for their Bitmoji avatars and also a handful of custom icons for the Snapchat app. Further, they can now custom set an emoji to be viewed by their friends – after they view the status they shared.

This will be visible right next to the subscriber’s avatar in the timeline. And lastly, the replies of these paid subscribers will be placed at the top in replies to Snap Stars stories. Snap Stars are Snapchat’s noted celebrities, and the paid users will get the benefit from more reach than their regular counterparts.

With over one million users in just 25 countries, Snapchat+ may soon be spreading to more regions to gain subscribers. Also, dropping new features regularly like now will give it the best competitive advantage over its rivals like TikTok and Instagram.


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