Snapchat is banking on one of the most followed trends on its platform – the Snap Streaks – to make users pay for maintaining their broken streaks with friends.

Today, the company announced an ability to let users pause their streaks with friends – and continue later without any breakage in their flow. While the test phase starts now, Snap said it’ll eventually let users pay 99c per pause in the US and similarly in other countries.

Pausing Snap Streaks For a Price

Snapchat, the platform with over 750 million monthly active users, is now building another commercial plan for sucking users’ money. The platform is banking on people who go crazy about maintaining Snap Streaks with their friends – by letting them pause at moments when they can’t send a snap.

Well, this pause will cost them 99c (in the US), or you can get it for free by subscribing to Snapchat+. The company started testing this feature today and will let users pause for once during the test phase. It said!

“A lost Snap Streak doesn’t mean your friendship has gone cold, so starting today, we’re making it easier to take a break with a new feature we’re testing to let you reignite the spark and restore one Streak for free with just one tap.”

Plans for commercializing it are confirmed when it said, “the option to add more Streak Restores right from the app,” are coming for the above cost mentioned. So, be ready to pay either way (99c per pause or Snapchat+) to maintain an unbroken streak with your friend. Otherwise, you can continue doing the same way you’ve been doing for years – post one update daily!


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