Leveraging the latest iOS 16 update, Snapchat added a bunch of widgets to make your chat experience better – straight from the lock screen.

The platform added widgets to access the Snap camera and chat conversations with our friends directly, and also check unread messages, missed calls, etc., easily with a tap. Aside from all these, Snapchat Web will soon be available for free to all users, which is now under the Snapchat Plus subscription.

Snapchat New Widgets

One of the best features that Apple introduced in its iOS 16 update is the Lock Screen Widgets. App developers can now add any suitable shortcuts to their in-app features, making them better access to users via the lock screen. And Snap is one of the very first ones to leverage this.

The platform today announced a bunch of widgets to its iOS app that will enhance your chat experience. These include a widget to access a chat conversation instantly and one for accessing the Snap camera. Both these will make your communicating and creating content a breeze.

Further, there’s Chat Shortcuts – which adds a shortcut bar to the top of the app’s chat section, letting you see any unread messages, new Snaps, missed calls, etc. easily. And we have the cool Question Stickers – that can be used for conducting a simple question and answer session easily.

Well, Snap bringing the Snapchat Web free to all may be the biggest announcement tonight, as this support has only been available to the Snapchat Plus customers all this time – who pay $3.99 a month to access it.

Though Snap didn’t specifically say when these features will be coming out, it mentioned that some are available now, with others coming soon. So if you’re interested in them, update your Snapchat app to see these features going live when available.


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