Edward Snowden, the famous whistleblower who blasted the news about NSA’s secret surveillance program in the past, has now featured in Vice TV’s program to talk about the ongoing pandemic. He was interviewed by Shane Smith, co-founder, and host if Shelter in Place program, said the governments are using Coronavirus to build the architecture of oppression. He claims the researchers and academicians knew a pandemic sweep of such is coming but failed us to warn and save.

Snowden Says Govt. Knew About COVID-19 Pandemic, And Still Failed Us
Snowden Says Govt. Knew About COVID-19 Pandemic, And Still Failed Us

They Knew, But Failed Us Anyway!

Edward Snowden, as per Vice News, strongly believed that experts knew about a situation like this coming, but haven’t properly responded and caused us problems. He debated on the questions posed by Shane Smith, co-founder of Vice and the show’s host.

He said that there’s nothing foreseeable than health crisis in this world, we’re living mostly crowded and polluted cities, researchers have made this analysis and knew a pandemic is coming. If not as health, but economic, and yet failed us comprehensively.

We’re In A Less Free World!

For the questions as to whether we can trust China in leveling off the cases and how good authoritative regimes can handle better than democracies, Snowden neutralized as he cannot say how much they can be believed. China’s been sending back the Western journalists who may verify the news credibility and they’re just arguments debating on authoritative being better than democracies in these situations. But we can’t say anything for sure. He also felt as We are sacrificing our capability to arrest the slide into a less liberal and less free world.

Shelter in Place is a new series hosted on Vice TV, where Shane Smith interviews personalities from various backgrounds like science economics, journalism and entertainment regarding hot topics prevailing then. Edward Snowden was the first guest of the show, and this episode will be airing on Vice TV tonight at 10 PM.

Via: Vice News


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