Citing three sources familiar with the matter, Business Insider says Sony is planning to introduce ads in its free games of the PlayStation 4 and 5 series.

If they’re to be believed, we may see “natural” ads appearing within PlayStation games, which may not be so intrusive. Sony has already started testing this with some partners through special software, to bring in revenue and encourage the free game’s developers.

Ads in PlayStation Games

Sony is one of the few players in the console gaming industry that’s dominating with its PlayStation series. Though the company sells paid subscriptions, there are some free games enthusiasts can play without any payment.

But, that may not continue any longer, as Sony is reportedly planning to display ads in the free games of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. This comes from Business Insider, which cited three sources familiar with the matter.

As per it, Sony has already started testing this idea with a special software tool embedded in free games, to display natural ads.

These are specific ads displayed in the most natural way amidst games. For example, football games played in a stadium have hoardings around it and on the boundaries. These spaces can be used to sell ads that then look as natural as in the real world.

We already see this concept being implemented in Konami’s eFootball, and is going well. Sony intends to sell these ads in a private market, and draw up some revenue that may be shared with those game developers. This helps them stay afloat and keep contributing free games.

Sony is reportedly in talks with some partners for the past 18 months, and also intends to offer prizes to those watching the ads. These could be discounts on in-game stores, skins, and exclusive avatars.


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