Sony’s launch of Spider-Man Remastered for PC has some interesting details revealed by gaming geeks.

Some have found references for “PlayStation PC Launcher,” – hinting at a dedicated launcher software for Sony’s PC games. Currently, Sony relies on third-party vendors like Steam and Epic Games to sell its PlayStation games to PC users.

And with a native launcher, there are chances of cross-buying titles and syncing game data between PS and PC games.

Native Game Launcher For PC

Marvel’s Spider-Man game was one of the highly sold PlayStation games for Sony since its launch in 2018. As it’s a hit, the company is also bringing it to PC now, as Spider-Man Remastered. It’s released through Steam and Epic Games for PC gamers, where Sony is forced to share 30% and 12% of revenue, respectively.

Maybe to avoid this, Sony is working on a native PC Launcher for its PlayStation games. References to this were spotted in the Spider-Man Remastered game launched for PC recently, where the Video Game Chronicle, verified it through digging the PC files, and also the references to “PSNAccountLinked” and “PSNLinkingEntitlements”.

Besides the possibility of buying games through this new launcher, there could be a chance of syncing the game data too, across the same titles on PlayStation and PC. Currently, PC users don’t need a PlayStation Network account to play the games on a PC and can’t save data from a console to a PC.

Further, PC versions of PlayStation games do offer achievements but can’t be synced with trophies on the PlayStation Network. All this could be changed if Sony brings in its PC launcher. The company has been more flexible in recent years, as it started bringing some of the PlayStation-exclusive games to PC like the God of War, Days Gone, and Horizon Zero Dawn.


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