In a surprise move, Sony unveiled an electric car in its turn of CES event 2020 today. Though the firm didn’t inform any technical specifications yet, this concept model is named Vision S and having plenty of Sony’s electronics within.

Vision S is a concept car from Sony that surprised everyone at the show. Its introduction shows the firm’s interest in mobility and future electric missions. Sony says that

This prototype embodies our contribution to the future of mobility and contains a variety of technologies.

Sony's Electric Vehicle Vision S Surprised Everyone More Than PS5
Image Via Engadget

This EV consists of Sony’s all features of Imaging and sensing tech, all with cloud integration. It’s constantly in touch with its cloud to update its capabilities regularly.
The car features 360 Reality Audio, which has embedded speakers into seats for the immersive audio experience. And got a panoramic screen at front for displaying driving information and entertainment. The car, in total, is having 33 sensors that can detect persons and objects in and around it.

While the EV platform was supplied by Magna, Sony partnered with other manufacturers like Qualcomm, Nvidia, Bosch, Continental, Blackberry QNX etc in making this car. Sony’s further tells the EV platform can be used for making other Sedans and SUVs. Finally, Sony’s tells it’s continued to pursue the Vision S initiative for focusing on Saftey, entertainment and adaptability.

Other Crucial Announcements

Sony talked about more sophisticated cameras coming in and deploying wirelessly cameras is now made easy leveraging 5G tech. Besides this, the most anticipated tech is of gaming, certainly PS5. Though Sony didn’t reveal the actual device, it displayed its logo and five new features it encompasses, which are Adaptive and Haptic triggers/, 3D audio, hardware-based Ray tracing, Ultra HD Blue-Ray and High-speed SSD.


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