The world’s famous humanoid robot – Sophia made an intriguing tweet earlier their month. She says machines to be exhibiting various feelings like creativity, hope, and compassion in the future. Further, machines should be more loving and kind than humans, to bring the best to them! This opinion seemed to advance and terrifying at the same time. As, how can a robot, which was created by a human, after all, believes that best in them could be bought only by machines learning feelings?

Sophia the Robot
Sophia the Robot

Ever since humanoid robots were made and deployed in public places, people formed a strong belief that these robots would dominate humanity one day. And with humanoids like Sophia, we believe it’s nearing soon. The grand robot is a celebrity in cyberspace and is famous for being an advanced humanoid. She was created by Hanson Robotics and has most human privileges as we do.

Robot feelings are sometimes intriguing!

On April 1st, 2020, Sophia tweeted as, “We need creativity, compassion, and hope, and we need our machines to exhibit these qualities. We need machines that are more kind and loving than humanity to bring out the best in humanity in reflection.” This tantalizing opinion isn’t expected, at least now. And as usual, most of her followers laughed, mocked this opinion and just admired her looks. But what’s really inside her is still unthinkable.

The account’s been handled by a human team but in collaboration with Sophia’s AI dialogue system. So the tweets are purely based on Sophia’s opinions. And statements like these are intriguing, as the belief we had of being invaded by them is strengthening.

Yet, we love how they work, and want them aside in our daily works. Yet, we feel the time’s approaching, sooner than we expected. And we should start questioning the AI robots about their feelings as they do to us. Should machines really need to express feelings better than humans to bring the best out of them?


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