Keeping itself in competition, Spark, the free and one of the best email clients out there is has refreshed it itself. The company has just updated the software to a new version of 2.2.0 and is having much essentials within.

Spark is just another email client software in the market but with attractive features. It severs all the popular email providers of Google, AOL, Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo, Exchange, Outlook and even Apple’s iCloud. Just a simple login and you’re good to go.

What’s new?

Dark mode! A much-needed feature these days comes to Spark today. Now you can enable dark mode in the Settings >> Themes and optimize to the environment. This further helps low battery consumption.

 Spark Gets Dark Mode
Image Credits – Readdle Live

The team claims to be carefully crafting the experience by selecting the colours, shapes, and transitions that will be eye-pleasing and help users work better.

Other notables

  • The Zero Inbox: Let’s you clean up your junky inbox to zero if filled with thousands of unwanted emails.
  • Signing off with a swipe: Sending a signed email is now simple, as it’s a just a swipe away.
  • Only the wanted at top: Its smart software pops up emails only from real people and stuff bot mails at the bottom. Further, you can snooze, send later and pin certain emails as you wish.

Spark took prominence when Mailbox (another email client) went offline. Further, its ability to customize almost every given option has attracted users to turn towards it. With more than 100k+ downloads and 4.6 ratings, Spark justifies its service as the best customizable email client in the market today.

The company, upon its update, has revealed the future features as “Email templates, delegation, services integrations, quick replies, and a built-in calendar are coming along too”.

Try it here: Android | iOS


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