Kodi, as we know, has become a very famous media streaming platform. Since it comes with a vault of addons, you always have the freedom to make more precise choices every time. There are addons for almost every category. You can either choose single addons for each category or go for a few ones that combine everything in one place.

And if you are a sports enthusiast and looking for the best Live Sport Kodi addons, then here we have something that you might like to have on your Kodi machine. Below, we have mentioned a few add-ons that will provide an amazing experience and comfortable streaming for live sports and action.

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List of Best Live Sports Kodi Addons You Can Use in 2022

1. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is a top-rated media player in the UK. It has a huge library full of the latest video content of all categories. Starting from Movies, TV Series, News, to Sports and other stuff, you can find everything here. Interestingly, it is also available on Kodi, and you can even access various radio channels and Live Sports.

Since we are talking about the best Sports Kodi addons, it is necessary to know that the BBC mostly broadcasts sports from the UK. But you can still stream a few international events like the NFL. This is probably the best add-on in terms of streaming and quantity.

2. NBC Live Sports Extra

NBC Live Sports Extra

If you are a great fan of sports like Football or Soccer, you must have definitely heard about NBC once in your life. It is a very famous sports TV channel featuring a lot of games.

That’s why you will never run out of content, plus NBC has something for every sports fan. It even offers live streaming, as well. Besides, what brings NBC Kodi addon to this list is its superb streaming service and fluid-like performance.

3. WWE On Demand

WWE On Demand

This one is especially for all wrestling lovers who are huge fans of old-time wrestling. However, this Kodi addon is strictly limited to one single sport, so you can’t expect any other games on it.

But WWE On Demand provides seamless streaming. Also, installing this Kodi addon is very simple if compared to others on this list.

4. ESPN 3


Like NBC, ESPN is another popular sports TV channel. And the ESPN3 lets you watch content from a dozen channels that include ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN News, ESPN 3, and more. It provides users with high-quality video streaming, and the quantity of content never falls short.

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However, when it comes to the ESPN 3 Kodi addon, it lays a couple of conditions to be followed. Firstly, its content is limited only to the people residing in the USA, and you will require a valid cable connection to access them.

5. Rising Tides

Rising Tides

Rising Tides basically deserves mention because of its well-organized structure. It is an IPTV kind of addon and comes with various live streams, each categorized elegantly.

As you visit each category, it will provide different links available for various sport events. Generally, you can access these links around five minutes before the actual session starts.

6. TVTap


TVTap is a simple and efficient Kodi addon that comes with incredible sport-related content. It is limited to that, but you can also see other categories like entertainment, news, movies, etc.

Again, an IPTV sort of addon provides content from different channels, so you can also expect some versatility. The Sports category with TVTap features various international sports, Domestics, UFC, WWE, and many more.

7. Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV

Lastly, we have something for the greatest sports enthusiast. Red Bull TV is a trendy name, and many of you have already used it as well. Red Bull TV’s web service offers stunning content, and luckily the Kodi addon will give you a very similar experience.

Moreover, since it is an official Kodi addon, you will get a simpler installation procedure. Apart from that, Red Bull TV provides efficient, high-quality streaming, and you can search for all match updates, events, on-demand videos, highlights, and more.

From Editor’s Desk

The greatest wish for any sports enthusiast would be to have an uninterrupted experience while streaming live sports. However, most of the live services fail to provide such pleasure. So, if you are on Kodi and looking for the best Live Sports Kodi addons, these are some top-notch add-ons available for you.

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