Spotify’s Car Thing – the simple hardware for playing music in a car is now widely available for all in the US. The company commercialized it with a price tag of $79.99, and be procured by both free and premium users.

Well, users need a premium subscription to play songs anyway. The Car Thing works with a smartphone nearby, using its internet connection. The device is simple to set up and has few physical buttons to navigate and operate playlists.

Spotify Car Thing Available For All

Spotify Made its Car Thing Available to All
Credit: Spotify

May Spotify understood that only the online services aren’t lucrative, but selling hardware too can bring more cash, like in Apple. So it’s now selling Car Thing – simple yet interactive hardware for playing Spotify music in the car.

The device was initially sent to select users in the US for free, in April for testing. And now, it’s set up for sale with a price tag of $79.99, available for both free and premium tier users. Well, you still need an active premium subscription for playing music in it though.

This is could be anything, from student to an individual or a family plan, just an active premium subscription is all you need to configure the device for playing music within your car. The Spotify Car Thing has a voice assistant to respond and wake for the “Hey Spotify” call-up.

And it comes with few physical buttons to easily navigate and control volume, playlists, etc. Also, a colorful touchscreen to see what you’re playing and modify. Users need to have a smartphone nearby all the time, to which the Car Thing is connected and uses its internet.

The sole purpose of Car Thing is to let your phone do the phone things, and have music enabled within the car easily. You can ask, tap, turn, or swipe to get to the songs, artists, playlists, and podcasts you want to hear, on the go.


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