After a fair period of testing, Spotify is now rolling out the premium subscription service of its podcasts to all US creators.

The subscription-based service will be available to all international listeners starting next month, and the creators have about 20 pricing points to select for their content. This is offered through Spotify’s Anchor platform.

Spotify Premium Podcast Service

Letting podcast creators cash on their content, Spotify has launched a subscription-based model for a few of them in the US this spring. Learning from the testing period, Spotify is now rolling this service widely.

Starting September 15th, all-sized podcast creators in the US will monetize their content to all international listeners. But, at the same time, the overseas podcast creators should wait a bit longer.

US creators can select desired episodes from their podcast and offer them to subscription-only users, set in over 20 different price points! As of now, creators can choose between three price points – $2.99, $4.99, or $7.99.

Creators can choose any of the pricing plans for their listeners that seemed reasonable for their content. Now, they can choose from $0.49 to all the way up to $150. This service is offered through Anchor, which Spotify acquired in 2019, along with Gimlet.

Spotify also said it doesn’t take any commissions from the creators’ income until the first two years. Thereafter, it will charge 5% in all transactions. Rivals like Apple take about $20 annual fee for its program and a 30% cut from subscriptions in the first year and 15% thereafter.

Further, Spotify will let creators download the list of all their subscribers’ contact information, which may help them perform marketing activities later, thus increasing the reach and revenue.


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