Steam released a new beta update to both its desktop client and the Deck device – allowing them to transfer game files between each other using a local network connection.

This would significantly reduce the time of installing an update since you can bypass the time needed for connecting to a remote Steam server. Also, it’s a blessing for those who have low bandwidth and network speeds. Users can also connect their Steam Deck to one local network for LAN games.

Sharing Files Between Steam PC and Steam Deck

A local Area Network (LAN) is something that you need an active internet connection to setup up. If you have proper cables or wireless equipment to connect at least two devices – you have then organized a LAN. And if you’re a PC gamer – mind this, it’s going to get better for you.

A new beta update rolled to the Steam PC app, and the Steam Deck console brings a new ability – to let users share game files between the two devices over LAN. Users having both these devices should connect them to a local network and share the files seamlessly between them.

This can significantly reduce the internet traffic and time taken to install games on your devices – since you’re sharing from another nearby device. Else, you’re forced to connect to the Steam content server over the internet, which takes ages. Thus, this feature is surely helpful, noted Steam.

“Local Network Game Transfers are great for Steam Deck owners, multi-user Steam households, dorms, LAN parties, etc.”

If you’re interested, install the available beta update on your Steam client, and let the app check if this feature support you. If yes, you’ll see the option popping up to let you share files locally. Else, the client will contact the Steam content server over the internet, letting you download them.

And if at any point either of the connected devices gets disconnected from your local network, Steam will fall back to the internet connection to continue the downloading of any necessary files.


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