After testing the new SteamOS 3.3 in preview and beta channels for a while, Valve has just released it to the general public through the Stable channel.

This update brings the adaptive brightness back, scheduled night mode, temperature notification, etc., to Steam devices. Aside from this, Valve updated the drivers and firmware to improve the security and performance of Steam devices using SteamOS 3.3.

SteamOS 3.3 in Stable Channel

Valve is already doing great with the launch of Steam Deck earlier this year. The handheld device is as robust as Nintendo Switch and has been applauded by many prominent reviewers already. While the company is working hard to fulfill all the pre-orders, it’s simultaneously working on its native software too.

SteamOS, where its latest v3.3 has just been released to the public in stable channel. Until now, SteamOS 3.3 is under testing in beta and preview channels. As it rolls out to the steam machines, here’s what it got;

Starting with the visual improvements, SteamOS 3.3 has more colors to display while playing through the Remote Play client. Also, there are scheduled night mode, excess temperature notification, and reimplementation of adaptive brightness toggle added.

Aside from new features, Valve also included some bug fixes to keyboards and more languages – Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. Users can tune into any of the languages they like and make it more comfortable.

Finally, there are stability and performance updates to the Steam Deck and some new features while in docked and desktop modes. Plus, Valve updated the graphics driver, wireless driver, and controller firmware to make it compatible with new settings.

So if you’re using any of the Steam devices, update it to the latest SteamOS 3.3 to see all these. Besides the major ones we noted above, there are a number of minor changes too noted in the Steam Deck blog.


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