Wallpaper Hub, the offical app to get wallpapers for almost any device, is now having the appropriate wallpapers for Surface Hub 2S 85″. The giant whiteboard was announced recently and Microsoft has given the wallpaper already. The new wallpapers can be downloaded for free and in required sizes and resolutions. 

Surface Hub 2S Gets Official Wallpapers

The Surface Hub 2S is promoted by Microsoft as an “interactive whiteboard“, targeted at teams working in companies. This item is more like an enlarged Surface Pro tablet, coming with a slate pencil to write on and a wireless charging pad between stands. This succeeds the Surface Hub and was announced by Microsoft in the recent Ignite event.

While making wallpapers for the regular smartphones and computers is easy, crafting one for a giant board as Surface Hub 2S 85″ is difficult. While we hoped one to come anyway, we expected it to be surfacing at the end of this year at least. But, here’s one already, from Wallpaper Hub.

Microsoft’s official wallpaper store has released the appropriate wallpapers for Surface Hub 2S earlier this week, and they’re free to download as usual. Also, they’re made available in different qualities and sizes. So, make sure you check your system resolutions before downloading one.

Also, the Wallpaper Hub has wallpapers for all other Windows devices like the newly launched Surface familySurface Pro X and Surface Laptop Go. The all-new Surface hub 2S has an 8th-gen Intel Core Kaby Lake Core i5 CPU and runs on a 64-bit version of Windows 10 OS. With an Intel UHD Graphics 620 GPU, the display of Surface 2S supports 3840 × 2560 4K resolution.


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