Ever since Microsoft acquired SwiftKey, the intelligent keyboard has been tuned to be more productive. In the latest beta update, SwiftKey Android keyboard was seen as having one of the most requested features, a cursor control gesture.

Users can now move the cursor in a sentence by swiping on the keyboard, which turns blank when activated through the spacebar key.

SwiftKey Adds Cursor Control Through Keyboard

The UK based AI-based keyboard maker has grown popular due to its intelligent guessing of emojis, phrases, and easy typing. Many have applauded it for increasing their productivity, by just being simple and quick. But, it lacked one important feature that its rival, Gboard has it for years – Easy Cursor Control

Moving the cursor easily to wherever you wanted in a sentence saves even more time, thus being more productive. Understanding this, Google’s Gboard has added a cursor controlling feature through swiping from the keyboard’s spacebar a long back.

This made SwiftKey users ask for this too. And now, listening to all of them, SwiftKey has rolled out this feature in its latest beta version of Android.

Spotted by Artem Russakovskii from Android Police, his video tweet shows how one can move the cursor easily by swiping on the keyboard space. This is a big upgrade, even from Gboard as it only lets users swipe horizontally. But the SwiftKey’s functionality lets users swipe anyway they like on the keyboard space.

To activate this, users have to tap and wait for the keyboard keys to turn grey, and when it becomes blank, you can swipe in any direction as desired to move the cursor in a sentence. Though SwiftKey rolls this officially to everyone later, a beta version of this is available for everyone to try.

Download Here: SwiftKey Beta


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