Switzerland is finally reacting. News by WSJ last week month revealed the intelligence authorities of Germany and US spying on secrets of several nations for decades. This happened by leveraging the Switzerland based encryption firm called Crytpo AG, which made the origin country to feel embarrassed and ask for an explanation now.

Project Rubicon!

Project Rubicon was something to be remembered. For more than five decades, nations as India, Pakistan, Iran, Latin America etc have relied on encryption products made by Crypto AG, for securely communicating with their soldiers, diplomats etc. But this wasn’t the actual case.

Switzerland to Launch Investigation into Crypto AG's Spying Case
Switzerland to Launch Investigation into Crypto AG’s Spying Case (Image via Pxhere)

WSJ surfaced new facts about Crypto AG’s working along with investigative journalists from Germany, Switzerland and the US last month. Where they’ve found the firm Crypto AG was partial, if not fully owned by the intelligence agencies of West Germany’s BDA and US’ CIA. This collaborative partnership was kept for 50+ years and Germany finally withdrew in 1990, but the US kept until latest 2018!

This detailed news by WSJ led Switzerland government to investigate the case in detail now, as it made the nation embarrassed for allowing such activities to happen. The reputed nation will further be pressured if stayed silent on this. Thus, the complaint and investigation.

The immediate complaint

The complaint filed by State Secretariat of Economic Affairs (SECO), which is a part of Swiss Economy Affairs has filed a complaint to the Office of Attorney General on February 2nd this year, citing possible violations in the export control law. The Crypto AG’s assets sold to other nations come under sensitive exports, thus, a part of Export Control law. Reviewing this incident now may open an investigation for further facts and possible criminal proceedings.

Internal reports say that the SECO could have been deceived regarding the exporting of Crypto AG’s products, and should have restricted if known about this spying operation. Though the Switzerland government appointed a former justice of Swiss Supreme Court, the Parliament’s been pushed by public and authorities to investigate immediately.

Via: Reuters


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