T-Mobile mobile and BMW have partnered to introduce the first-ever car in the US, to have an unlimited 5G network running on wheels!

BMW’s 2022 iX and i4 models will have an eSIM that, if recharged with a T-Mobile’s monthly plan of $20, will let you use unlimited 5G sourcing from your car. You can hook up to 10 devices at a time, and drive around the US with your 5G hotspot car, says T-Mobile in today’s announcement.

A New BMW Car With 5G Network

Though the rollout of 5G is helping many technologies get advanced and many people excited about fast speeds, it’s still a pricy one to get. Moreover, it’s fixed to only a few areas where the cellular towers are posted.

But, T-Mobile and BMW are changing this by making a gigantic mobile 5G hotspot – through a 5G network-enabled car! Today, T-Mobile announced launching a special plan worth $20, which works only with BMW’s iX and i4 models.

These cars come with an eSIM, which offers unlimited data and voice calls partnering with T-Mobile. So you can attend calls and browse the internet within your car or have up to 10 devices connected to your car’s 5G hotspot at a time.

Further, an additional 200MB of roaming data is given if you aren’t driving where Mobile’s network isn’t available. Also, 5GB of 4G data per month to use if you’re driving in Canada and Mexico. And if you reach the threshold, you still get the standard T-Mobile’s 128kbps internet after that.

Above all these, it’s portable. So if you rent either of the above cars and log in to your BMW account, you can use T-Mobile’s 5G internet there. BMW and T-Mobile aren’t the only ones achieving this feat, but Audi and Verizon, GM, and AT&T are planning such vehicles too in the future.


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