In a reply to several news portals, T-Mobile confirmed a data breach affecting an unknown number of its customers. More specifically, the breach involved attacks like SIM swapping and leak of CPNI information.

In some cases, both the hacks have happened too. T-Mobile said it’s taking immediate steps to protect vulnerable users from any cyberattacks, while also saying that breaches of such are common in this industry.

T-Mobile Data Breach

T-Mobile has become Facebook in the American telecom industry. After repeated breaches, T-Mobile is now accused by the customers of being a less secured telecom company. The American telecom has suffered multiple hacks and data breaches in past, and even this year, exposing sensitive data of over 50 million customers.

And now, it’s in the news for a similar reason. As per T-Mo, a blog dedicatedly reporting on T-Mobile, the telecom has suffered yet another data breach lately. Now, there were incidents of SIM Swapping and leaks of customer proprietary network information (CPNI).

CPNI includes fairly senstive data like the customer’s plan, the number of lines, the phone numbers, the billing account, and more. In some cases, few customers were affected by both the incidents, says T-Mo.

And when asked by several news portals regarding this incident, T-Mobile refused to share detailed information like the number of customers affected by this, and how exactly this happened. But, a T-Mobile representative said

“Our people and processes worked as designed to protect our customers from this type of attempted fraud that unfortunately occurs all too frequently in our industry,” to ZDNet.

Also, it referred to incidents like SIM swapping that happen often in the telecom industry, regardless of how good measures they take. Finally, the company said it’s taking immediate steps to protect affected customers from any potential cyberattacks.


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