After a year of testing in beta, T-Mobile’s ad wing is now live for everyone! Named the App Insights, T-Mobile is inviting advertisers to buy customer data for their marketing purposes.

T-Mobile gathers this data in an anonymized manner and collects the data of what apps its users use. This is then shared with potential advertisers for money! Well, customers can opt-out of this program through several means.

Selling Anonymized App Data

With Google and Apple providing more ways for users to opt out of ad tracking, advertisers are looking for new ways to get through. And mobile carriers are filling the gap with what they have – device and network access.

T-Mobile is the latest one to pursue this course, where the company launched a program called App Insights last year. After testing it in a beta phase, T-Mobile is now widening the program and inviting potential advertisers to buy the data is collected.

As per the program, T-Mobile collects customer data in an anonymized form, and only what apps they use. This is pooled together with others of similar interests, so as not to let anyone buy a specific user’s interest.

While it’s still creepy, T-Mobile stated about this program so openly before doing so. WritingApps speak louder than words” on the top of its website, invites advertisers to “leverage app insights, the strongest indicator of consumer intent.”

Well, if you don’t like this, you can opt-out! Users need to install Magenta Marketing Platform Choices (Android, iOS), a T-Mobile app that lets you see which companies have your data, and opt out with a simple toggle. Else, you can also try App Choices too.

Ad Exchanger noted that iOS users are currently excluded from this program – not collecting their data – even if they opt-in. So it’s the Android users who need to be aware of this.


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