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Spotify to Add Music Videos Soon, in Talks With Partners

Spotify is reportedly working to add music videos to its platform, which may add a new revenue stream for the company. While it's unclear when...
Brazil Fined Apple $19 Million For Not Including Chargers With iPhones

Apple Increased the Prices of Apple Music and Apple TV Plus

Apple is increasing the prices of some of its popular services - Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, and Apple One by a couple of...
Apple Music

Apple Music Student Plan Cost Raised in US, UK and Canada

After hiking the prices of Apple Music in a few countries in Asia and Africa, Apple is now doing the same in the UK,...
Apple Music is Now Available on All Roku Devices

Apple Music is Now Available on All Roku Devices

After bringing Apple TV+ in 2019, Roku is now listing the Apple Music app in its channel store. This will be available to all...
Apple Music

Apple Music Free Trial Reduced to One Month in Some Countries

Without any proper warning, Apple has reduced the free trial period of Apple Music service in some countries to one month. The countries include the...