Telegram’s new v9.2 update adds a number of features – with the ability to signup without a phone number being the most notable among them.

Well, this support comes at a cost, where users need to buy an anonymous number from a blockchain platform to signup with. Aside from this, the new update allows users to share their profile ID with a QR code, auto-deleting conversations, and more.

Telegram v9.2 Features

If you care about flexible features than a simple UI, Telegram is undoubtedly the best instant messenger out there. But this platform lacks support for having an anonymous account, after all! Having a phone number to sign-up is where one’s privacy is diminished, say experts.

Thus, Telegram is now adding support for anonymous account creations, but at a cost. Interested users need to buy an anonymous phone number from Fragment – a blockchain-powered platform – which can be used for Telegram sign-up. This is the small price you should pay to obtain privacy.

Further, users can share their profile IDs using a temporary QR code that doesn’t share their number with others. And then, there’s an Auto-Delete option for conversations that automatically wipes out select conversations on a specified interval. Until now, we only have the self-destructing messages option, which is different than deleting the whole conversation as the new one.

Telegram has also expanded the Topics feature to groups with over 100 members – up from the previous 200-member limit. This may seem similar to WhatsApp Communities, where an admin can add a number of subgroups under a general group for more detailed and relevant conversations. Here in Topics, a group admin can create a separate Topic within a major group to let people chat on that specific topic.

And lastly, there’s a revamped Storage Usage page for Android users that now shows the space taken by each conversation on your device. Users can clear the media files of individual chats to free up space. And for Premium users, Telegram has 10 more custom emoji packs, with some supporting interactive full-screen effects.


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