Tesla’s one of the few companies aiding authorities in this ongoing pandemic. The electric car maker is manufacturing its own style of ventilators, which are essential and running short due to an increase in patients. A YouTube video showed how Tesla is working in its New York Gigafactory facility for producing a ventilator. And the prototype is mostly built up using parts that are used for Tesla cars.

Elon Musk has long been reluctant about the spreading of Coronavirus. He even called those panicking over Coronavirus dumb and didn’t shut his factories until someone in the workplace tested positive. But he’s one of those people who pledged to help the government in aiding doctors, who’re struggling hard to fight the novel coronavirus.

Coronavirus Ventilator Prototype
Coronavirus Ventilator Prototype

A Much Needed Item Now!

A four-minute video shared on Tesla’s YouTube channel shows the prototype of Tesla’s ventilator. This equipment is of the critical ones in the saving process, as they help patients take breathe. The prototype showed by Tesla is mostly made up of car parts like the observation screen from Model 3’s infotainment display system. It’s clarified that Tesla is only making parts of a ventilator, that the whole. But it could be moving producing the full product if needed.

The US has more than 330,000+ positive cases recorded to date, and the essential PPEs are running short. Thus, the government requested many equipment manufacturers to come handy in this situation. Along with Tesla, companies like General Motors, Dyson, MIT, Airbus, etc are developing ventilators and other kits to support patients. And the prototype made by Tesla has still got a long way to go.

The prototype has got a screen to observe, pipes to transport gases and containers to mix air and oxygen, which would be pushed to patients’ lungs and bringing carbon dioxide in return. It should be going through safety checks before being installed in hospitals. And with the US rapidly approving medical facilities, this could soon be seen if essential.


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