Random Access Memory (RAM) is an integral part of a computer that is improperly set or altered and may rise to many unwanted issues. These could from random system crashes, distorted graphics, booting failures, and even Blue Screen of Death.

We often don’t know what may have been misconfigured, and that’s causing serious problems to your PC and eventually losing your data in some cases. While you may not realize the issue until the consequences occur, it’s better to run your system’s health scans to avoid disturbances. Microsoft offers a Memory Diagnostic Utility to check whether RAM is working properly or not.

If you’re in a stage experiencing some issues in your system and suspect that RAM could be blamed, here’s how to find that out;

How to Check RAM Issues in Windows 10

  1. Go to Start to open the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool. Type this in the Search box to get the app, and open it.
  2. You’ll be shown a window with two options for restarting the PC right away to check the problems and doing it the next it’s restarted. Since we’re trying it now, click on Restarting now.
  3. This will restart the system in a raw interface looking more like the MS-DOS, which automatically tests the PC to surface any problems. While this runs a standard test by default, you can choose to run advanced tests by clicking on F1 and choosing the other.

After the testing process, it will restart the Windows and notifies about any defective problem through the notification panel from the bottom right corner. You may click on it, learn more about it, and follow the steps defined to resolve the issue.

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Check Your RAM Test Results in Windows 10

Your RAM results appear right after restarting your computer. You need to follow up some setup to get the results information.

  1. Go to the Start menu and search for “Event Viewer.” You can also open Event Viewer with Windows Key + R, type “eventvwr.msc” in the Run dialog box, and hit enter.
  2. Now Click on Windows Logs > System > Find.
  3. Open Find Box and Enter “MemoryDiagnostic” in that box and hit enter.
  4. Now you will see the recently tested RAM results in that box.

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