Textsheet was a well-known website for students to get answers or complete assignments. In a concise period of time, the site gained popularity. One of the best things was, using the Textsheet site was completely free to use. The platform became so popular because of its service and no charges.

Everything was going well until it helped students complete their assignments on time. But later, the Textsheet site was brought down because of copyright. It misused other websites like it used to copy answers from other paid services and paste them on its website. Because of this reason, the site was taken down completely and is now shut.

You will find hundreds of websites for free on the internet, but before using them, you must examine the service. If you regularly need such sites, you should pay for them and use them.

List of Best Textsheet Alternatives for Students

There are many similar sites to Textsheet that can help you complete your assignments. Below we have mentioned a few of the best Textsheet alternatives that are legal and easy to use.

1. Chegg


Chegg is one of the most popular sites with more US users. It is mostly used because it provides homework help. This site gives you online textbooks on rent and also scholarships.

It is more helpful for college students. You will get help in almost all subjects, including math, business, physics, engineering, chemistry, and others. However, it is a paid service that offers a seven-day free trial. One can download it on iOS, Android, or PC.

Price: 7-day Free Trial, Paid subscription starts from $14.95.

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2. Slader


Slader is used by millions of students to solve their problems. One of the best things about this site is, it provides a step-by-step solution for any of your questions. You can scan the textbook barcode or search the textbook and get answers. On pricing details, it provides great functionality at a low price. You can use this platform on Android, iOS, or desktop.

Price: Free, $4 to $8

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3. Crazy for Study

Crazy for Study

One of the best alternative sites to Textsheet is more than 30,000 visitors per day. It has millions of books that are helpful for students. You get solutions to your queries within no time.

Moreover, Crazy for Study also has an online prep test for many subjects like advanced math, science, engineering, and more. It has a homework Q&A model for students, which acts by replying Q&As instantly.

Price: $7 per month

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4. SparkNotes

Spark Notes

It provides answer keys to all queries and is a popular tool among high school students. SparkNotes provides answers related to literature, poetry, and more. Many literature guides like all the plays by Shakespeare, Hemmingway, and other authors. SparkNotes has many test samples and quizzes to prepare for exams and assignments.

Price: In-app purchases

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5. PaperHelp

Paper Help

PaperHelp is differnt from Textsheet. It provides solutions in different fields and also offers a custom writing portal. All the key solutions are available to scholars, college-goers, or campus students. Apart from this, it also has an essay and other writing services. You will find custom papers on different subjects, and this website is mainly designed for Ph.D. students.

Price: $10/page

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6. Course Hero

Course Hero

Andrew Grauer founded the course Hero at Cornell University in 2006. It is the best one for students to study and download the study material. Moreover, you can also earn money from this website by referring it to your friends and uploading study material. You can discover more than 25 million courses related to Study Material on this site.

Price: Free, $9.95 per month.

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7. Studylib


Studylib has a great database of study material. However, this platform is a little less student-friendly. Still, it is a great medium to complete assignments and get answers to most of the questions.

It has amazing features like the “Share” function. It allows the users to share notes and materials with other users. However, to use this feature, you need to register on the site first, then only you can share.

The “flashcard explorer” function allows the users to browse different categories of subjects like math, science, special needs learning, and more. And the best thing is, it is completely free to use, you need to register for it.

Price: Free

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8. Quizlet


Quizlet helps students to prepare for their upcoming exams. The website has more than 50 million active students globally as it has varieties of question papers from different countries. It also has a huge number of tutors who guide students in learning.

This platform gives essay writing services and research writing services. All their writers are well-known experts and are well at research writing.

Price: Free

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9. School Solver

School Solver

With real expert tutors, School Solver always comes in handy when we have to solve our questions, and doubts in any subject. Although you have to pay for each question, it is worth every penny per the student reviews.

The amount of money allocated depends on the specific question being asked. So it’s a pretty win-win situation for the student and the tutor. Besides that, it has a consistent user interface where users find hardly any issues.

Price: Depending on questions.

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10. Qanda


Qanda is another well-known doubt-solving website that can replace Textsheet completely. Although it’s math centric website, you can ask questions related to science, and other subjects.

However, it has more than 70 million users in 50 countries. Also, it has solved 4.5 billion questions by more than 100K experts. It has dedicated apps for Android and iOS, so you can use it accordingly. It has an option for a one-to-one chatroom for students.

Price: In-app purchase. 

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