In order to keep its platform safe for teens, TikTok is upping the age limit for anyone to start a live video to 18 years! Currently, anyone over the age of 16 can start their own live video session.

TikTok hopes this new requirement will keep vulnerable kids away from online predators, just like most legal authorities ask. Also, TikTok will send suggestions to the creators while filtering out keywords. These new policies will be rolling from late November this year.

TikTok New Policy For Live Video

Though it’s the most popular platform when it comes to short videos, TikTok doesn’t rest from developing itself regularly. The platform is regularly adding new features to keep up with the fiery competition from rivals while maintaining user safety simultaneously.

In this pursuit, TikTok announced new policies for strengthening the children’s safety on its platform – by asking them to be at least 18 years to start a live video session. Aside from short videos, TikTok is also growing in popularity for live-streaming content for better engagement.

The platform has recently added the ability of the Multi-Guest feature to allow up to five guests per live session – making them appear in a grid or panel layout. As it draws more engagement, TikTok wants the users on its platform to be safe while featuring.

Thus, it upped the age limit for live video sessions, going into effect from November 23 onwards. Also, users can choose the type of audience they want to reach, like setting NSFW content only to reach an adult audience.

Aside from this, TikTok is also doubling down on keyword filtering, as it tends to send reminders to users on new keywords – helping them in the filtering process for better posts. If all goes well, we may have the touted Live Shopping feature coming to the US audience, too, letting creators sell goods in the coming holiday season.


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