The most popular short-video-making platform – TikTok, has just been revealed to have over a billion monthly active users. This comes even after a blanket ban in India and threats from other countries.

TikTok has gained over 300 million users since last year, which bumped the overall downloads of the app to over 3 billion! In addition, the platform is actively recruiting more people to be creative and expand further.

TikTok’s Supreme Popularity

When new Facebook-like social media platforms were growing, the Chinese ByteDance came up with a simple thought – making short videos – and captured the whole online entertainment market at once.

ByteDance’s offering is TikTok, and all it has is a bunch of video-making tools. From recording a short video in bits to editing them as desired, all were well received by the community, and soon the app shot up in the popularity rankings of most app stores.

So much so that it now has over 3 billion downloads since its inception, as per Sensor Tower. In addition, TikTok gained over 300 million users after July 2020 and now stands with over a billion monthly active users.

This was revealed by Vanessa Pappas, TikTok’s Chief Operating Officer, in a video as, “That’s a billion people every month watching and sharing each other’s creativity.”

The growth TikTok amassed after the Indian ban in mid-2020 is applauded, as the platform has lost over a quarter of its base. Later, US President Donald Trump hinted about a similar ban but was delayed and now dumped by the current president, Joe Biden.

TikTok’s idea of letting people make a short video isn’t just popular among the community and the tech giants. Companies like Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, etc., have made their version of TikTok and invested a lot to attract users and influencers.


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