Time machine for Mac OS is a feature that creates a backup image of your operating system, personal data, settings, installed apps, and everything in between including your files. The time machine is a beneficial feature, but the problem is that it is only limited to iOS and macOS. So we need some Time Machine alternatives for windows users as well.

There are many third-party back-ups and restoring software for windows, but there are some fake ones. But most of them are not as good as Time Machine. We handpicked a few software, and here we will give you a list of them so that you can use them without any security risk.

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List of Top Best Time Machine Alternatives For Windows PC in 2022

There are many backup tools and solutions for Windows systems, but it makes it hard to find the best one, so we make a comprehensive list of Best Time Machine Alternatives For Windows 11/10.

1. CrashPlan


CrashPlan is very effective and easy-to-use software. The free version of the software offers you features like backups to an external hard drive or other networked computers in an automated fashion. It encrypts your data and provides good security, plus you can also track your deleted files too.

Talking about it has a monthly premium service. It costs $6 for individual users. It also has different packages for business as well as industrial uses.

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2. Duplicati


This is an open-source backup and restores tool that is completely free, and it does all work. Duplicati backs up your data to different cloud storage like Amazon S3, One Drive, Google Drive, etc. After that, you can also back up the data to other protocols as well as WebDAV and FTP.

It does not have its own cloud storage, and because of that, backup data is limited to the availability of your cloud storage. Suppose you have 2GB free cloud storage on Google Drive, then it will only backup 2GB of data. However, the limit of cloud storage can be extended with paid purchase.

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3. Backblaze


This is another software that is completely free to use. It is a cloud-based backup and restores software that creates a backup of your data, and you can download and restore it whenever you want. It has features like scheduled backup as well as mobile apps to access your data.

When you don’t want to download all the backup data, you can get a physical USB drive containing your data. You can order it from Backblaze, but it is not free. However, if you return the USB drive in 30 days, you can get a complete refund.

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4. Mozy


It is a software that claims that it is not just a backup and restores software, but it is a complete cloud data protection service. All the data backed up using mozy gets military-grade encryption. It offers true file sync, and you can access all data using the mobile app too.

It costs around $5.99 a month, and it also offers a free trial. You can always test the service and purchase it if you like it.

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5. GenieTimeline


We can say this is software that is closest to the TimeMachine. All you need to do is set up, and after that, It will always create a backup. You can backup your data to the cloud service of your choice.

It costs around $39.95 and it worth the money. It supports all the windows os from windows XP to the latest.

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6. DriveImage XML

DriveImage XML

This is a unique software that creates the drive image. You can restore the image to the same drive or any other drive too. It stores data in XML format, and you can easily access it. You can also create a liveCD and use it to restore the data.

It is completely free for personal use version. However, commercial license costs around $100. It has an old-looking interface, but it supports all the windows versions.

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From Editor’s Desk

So this was the list for TimeMachine alternatives on windows. When it comes to data, it is always good to have a backup. We hope this list helps you in choosing the best software according to your need.


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