On the occasion of Safer Internet Day, Tinder announced a handful of features and improvements to its platform that would safeguard its users’ experience online.

One among them is a new incognito mode to keep your profile more discreet and have granular controls on who you can connect with. Also, there are many tools to encourage users to report toxic messages and guides to help them be safer on the platform.

Tinder New Features For Safety

On the eve of Safer Internet Day (and the fast-approaching Valentine’s Day), Tinder announced new tools to help users stay safe online. The fresh bunch includes a notable feature called Incognito Mode – where users can hide their profile much better than ever.

Tinder says only users who you Like can see you in their recommendations – offering you more granular controls over your visibility. Further, the platform will let users block certain profiles shown in recommendations to avoid awkwardness. These could be your ex or a family member – whom you may not want to see, especially on Tinder!

This feature is an extension to the current blocking means via phone numbers in your contact list. And then, the platform simplified the reporting concept by letting users long press on any message they felt was offensive or unwanted.

Whether it’s a text or an image, just long press on it to report to Tinder. Additionally, the dating platform made some changes to its features – “Are You Sure” (which asks users to reconsider before sending a potentially harmful message) and “Does This Bother You” (which encourages users to report inappropriate conversations).

The new changes will automatically detect more such inappropriate language (including harmful hate speech, sexual harassment, etc.). The company says it saw a rise in reporting (by 46%) ever since it added the “Does This Bother You” option.

And lastly, Tinder added a series of Healthy Dating Guides in collaboration with No More – a campaign to end domestic violence and sexual assault. These would help users to spot harmful behavior and keep themselves protected at every stage of the relationship.


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