The world’s largest online dating platform is now focusing on safety for protecting its community. The new features introduced by Tinder could shield its members against fake profiles, offensive texts, and aid in emergencies.

Being an online dating app, Tinder’s fairly slashed as others for allowing catfishes onto its platform. The firm may have realized now to control this issue and is following Bumble’s policy – Live Photo Verification.

Live Photo Verification

This is, asking the user to picture him/her self according to one of the many poses they mentioned. If the user opts for verification, for self or other, Tinder would randomly send them typical pose from their library and ask the user to snap a live photo accordingly. After uploading, this will be reviewed by Tinder’s team leveraging some AI. If it matched with the user’s profile picture, he or she’d then be assigned a blue tick onto their profile, assuring them to be a true person.

This would help others to experience Tinder with peace of mind. And this kind of verification is first practiced by Bumble, another dating app.

Noonlight Integration

Aside from this photo verification, Tinder also partnered with Noonlight, a safety platform that helps users out from emergency situations. It’s more like a silent bodyguard, as Tinder shares details of who they are meeting, where and when, that allows Noonlight the ability to easily and discreetly trigger emergency services if they are feeling uneasy or in need of assistance.

Reporting Offensive Texts

Another, yet important feature is of reporting the abusive content. This helps users in personal chat to report either of the person’s certain text offensive. This is powered by machine learning and if one tells Yes when asked as Does this bother you? It notifies another party to rectify with an Undo option and keep the conversation clean.

All these are notified are rolled out to few markets as of today and are in the testing phase. May Tinder roll them to everyone, as it also notifies and educates users from its Safety Center section available in Menu.

Launching these three crucial features, Tinder’s CEO, Elie Seidman said,

“Every day, millions of our members trust us to introduce them to new people, and we’re dedicated to building innovative safety features powered by best-in-class technology that meet the needs of today’s daters. I’m proud to share these updates, which represent an important step in driving our safety work forward at an unmatched scale.”


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