A report by DigiTimes revealed that TSMC is finally starting to mass produce the 3nm chips in its Taiwanese factory, as per the planned timeline.

The first batch of these latest generation chips will be used by Apple in its upcoming devices, mainly in the MacBook Pro and iPhone 15 Series next year. Though TSMC is late to the 3nm mass production party, it’s expected to have a lot more important clients than Samsung, who started the mid-this year.

TSMC’s 3nm Chip Mass Production

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is currently the market leader for producing high-end chipsets for almost any type of major hardware. The company has a bunch of high-profile clients like Apple, Qualcomm, Google, etc., for mass-producing their chips.

But, TSMC has fallen behind Samsung’s chip manufacturing unit in the 3nm race – where the South Korean giant started mass producing them in mid a year. Although, TSMC isn’t losing the game, as it’s now starting to mass produce the same at its own factory at Southern Taiwan Science Park.

As per reports, TSMC is set to begin the mass production of the latest 3nm chips on Thursday, December 29, at its Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP). This is in line with the timeline it shared earlier this year, where TSMC said it’ll begin mass production of 3nm chips in late 2022.

“TSMC is scheduled to hold a ceremony at Fab 18 at the Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) on December 29 to mark the start of commercial production of chips using 3nm process technology.”

The first batch of these new-gen chips is to be given to Apple – which will use them in its upcoming products. As analysts reported, the next year’s MacBook Pro (both 14-inch and 16-inch), Mac Studio, and ‌Mac mini‌ models will likely have these 3nm chips inside them.

Further, Apple may set them in the iPhone 15 Series too, which would come in September next year.


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