Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is tipped to set up a second fabrication plant of 2nm in Taichung of Taiwan. This news comes after the TSMC CEO, and other executives met Taichung’s mayor, possibly discussing this.

While TSMC denied saying the final decision yet, the mayor said Taichung is seen as a suitable place for setting up a fabrication plant. TSMC is set to mass-produce 3nm chips next year, with plans to mass-produce 2nm chips in 2025.

TSMC Planning a Second 2nm Plant

Process nodes for chips are a critical thing. And manufacturing them takes utmost precision and care. Thus, TSMC, the world’s largest semiconductor maker is expanding its facilities in Taiwan to make more and newer chips for the future.

As per its plans, the Taiwanese company is gearing up for mass-producing 3nm chips, starting next year. And soon after that, TSMC moves on to producing the next efficient process node – 2nm. While it had already chosen Hsinchu as the primary fabrication center, the next plant may reportedly be set up in Taichung.

As per the local Taiwanese media, TSMC’s CEO Dr. C.C. Wei and three other vice presidents: Wang Ying-lang (fab operations), Arthur Chuang (facility division), and Jonathan Lee (corporate planning), has met Taichung’s mayor on Friday, reportedly for discussing on the second 2nm plant.

While the TSMC has denied coming to any conclusion yet, the mayor said Taichung’s golf course next to Zhonke Park will be an ideal place for a fabrication plant. This is due to the city’s geographical and climatic factors, which should help TSMC get the amount of water it needs, and talent.

As per Taichung’s mayor, if TSMC decides to set up the 2nm fabrication plant as planned, it will cost the project about one trillion Taiwan dollars ($36.2 billion USD), and provide a number of employment opportunities.


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