Elon Musk stood on his promise in February this year by paying the Blue subscribers a part of their ad revenue this week.

Some high-profile users said they’re notified about the incoming payments from Twitter, via Stripe, for being a creator on the platform. Well, the threshold for becoming a creator on Twitter is so high that maybe a few people can qualify.

Twitter Ad Revenue Sharing

Though Twitter struggles with debt payments and various lawsuits, the company vows to stand on its word. In February this year, Elon Musk, the new boss of Twitter, said he’d pay out a part of the company’s ad revenue to eligible users on the platform.

Many thought it was just a saying to keep the users excited about his takeover until he executed it this week! Several high-profile users are sharing this week about an incoming payment from Twitter, to be deposited into a Stripe account if connected. Elon Musk said the payouts “will be cumulative from when I first promised to do so in February.”

Saying that it’s a “part of our effort to help people earn a living directly on Twitter,” the company has set the eligibility criteria very high to earn from it. To be called a Twitter creator, one should either subscribe to their Blue or Verified Organizations plans and have at least five million post impressions in each of the past three months!

This aside, going through a human review while following all the company’s Creator Subscriptions policies. Once you tick all the boxes, Twitter’s ad revenue from your tweet’s replies will be shared with you, provided you have a Stripe account connected to your profile.

Twitter said it’ll soon launch a proper application process, found in the Monetization section of your account settings. Hopefully, this will hold back some high-profile users planning to migrate to Meta’s Threads, which gained traction quickly after the last week’s launch.