Twitter is finally bringing a much more necessary tool – the ability to select text from tweets – to its Android client after a long wait. This support has been available on an iOS version for a while now.

While the community is confused that this support has been available in the Android client too for a long time, it’s only available for Pixel phones due to a special feature, and not on other Android phones. This addition to the Android app was first spotted by Jane Manchun Wong, who shared a screenshot displaying the selection of desired text of a tweet.

Text Selection in Twitter Android App

Twitter is a great place to update or get updated about the surroundings. And with short texts – tweets – showing up constantly everywhere, you may feel like copying some of the good ones to post them elsewhere. And copying texts from tweets isn’t possible unless you’re using Twitter on a browser.

But understanding the community, Twitter added support for selecting and copying specific texts from tweets in its iOS app. And since it’s helpful, the platform is now bringing this support to the Android counterpart too.

As seen by Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse engineer, Twitter’s latest Android app will now allow users to select a specific text from any tweet and copy it for pasting somewhere else. As of now, if you press and hold on to any tweet in the Twitter Android app, it will copy the entire tweet text instantly.

But the new selection tool makes it easier and helpful to select only needed text from tweets. This support has been in the Twitter iOS app for a while now. Yet, many users are still confused that this feature has been available in the Android app already.

But no. This support is available only on Pixel phones which have a special feature called Overview Selection, which lets users select text from any screen for copying and pasting. So, it’s now coming officially coming to Twitter’s Android app.


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