In the pursuit of offsetting costs and rising debts, Twitter made a new plan to collect more funds from its users – by announcing an annual Blue subscription!

The company is offering a year-worth Blue subscription for $84 on its web, which would have otherwise cost $96 if bought monthly. This cost would be even more if users are subscribing to the Blue plan via the Twitter iOS app.

Twitter Blue Subscription Annual Plan

One of the major heads-ups at Twitter after Elon Musk’s takeover is the tuning of the Blue subscription. The paid plan would have let anyone get a verified badge, avoid ads, seek preferential treatment in Tweet replies, and more – all for $8 a month.

Well, if you think it’s expensive to afford $8 every month, you can now get it for $84 for a whole year! Twitter announced this annual subscription model today on a support page, where the yearly plan is offered at a 12% discount when compared to a monthly subscription.

This is even better for those who’re buying a Blue subscription via the Twitter iOS app – as they get to save 36% on an annual plan against a monthly subscription. To the unknown, Twitter offers a Blue subscription at $8 a month via the web and $11 a month if subscribed through its iOS app.

It’s made so to pass the additional cost that Apple levies on transactions made through its App Store onto customers. And since we don’t know how long Apple will allow Twitter to play this game – dodging the Apple Store tax by buying subscriptions elsewhere – we recommend you to get this right away if you wish to have your blue checkmark for long.

This new subscription plan comes in light of the struggling financial situation of Twitter, where Musk failed to pay the interest amounts for debt finance of his Twitter deal, skipping office building rents, and others.


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