As Elon Musk promised earlier, Twitter is increasing the video upload limit to 60 minutes for all Blue subscribers.

Well, this is only available on the Twitter web, while Android and iOS clients still stick to the current limit of a 10-minute cap. Further, Blue subscribers get priority visibility in the tweet replies of others in the new update.

New Video Limits on Twitter

Last month when Elon Musk was taking over Twitter, he promised to bring sweeping changes to the Blue subscription. And as he said, new and tweaked features have been rolling out to Blue subscribers regularly ever since, with some being exciting while others are destroying the Twitter landscape.

Well, the latest one in this pursuit is the increasing of video upload lengthwhere Twitter Blue subscribers can now post a 60-minute video at 1080p resolution and upto a 2GB limit. This is a big change from the current limit of 10-minute-long videos on Twitter 1080p resolution with a file size limit of 512MB.

Well, the extended limit is only available to those on the web, while Twitter iOS and Android clients are yet to gain this support. Further in the blog, Twitter said it’ll consider modifying the quality of the video for distribution, so we may see an upgraded resolution to 1080p soon.

Although, the whole idea could be catchy to Twitter, as the increased video length means an increased burden of piracy detection. Last month when Twitter’s copyright systems stopped working briefly, users uploaded whole movies in sequential bits – violating the copyrights of original makers.

Since the new limit will just make it easier for them, Twitter is yet to explain how it’ll tackle this problem. Aside from this, the platform is also giving Blue subscribers priority visibility in the tweet replies. As noted, the users will “see a slight preference for replies from Blue verified accounts over other replies.”


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