Less than a week since he took over the office, Elon Musk is hiking the price of a Twitter Blue subscription to $19.99 a month. This is 4x the current price.

Also, he’s making it kind of non-optional for verified users, who’ll be forced to subscribe to Twitter Blue if they like to keep their verified badge. And to make this possible, Musk ordered his employees to come up with a new Twitter Blue by this weekend, or else they’d be fired!

A New Twitter Blue Subscription

Launched a year ago, Twitter Blue is an optional subscription for $4.99 a month and offers access to new features early, read ad-free articles from certain outlets, customized icons, and other controls. While it’s a fair offering, the new boss – Elon Musk, wanted to change almost everything about it.

He earlier revealed that Twitter should earn half of the revenue from subscriptions rather than depending much on the advertising stream. And in this pursuit, Musk is planning to hike the Twitter Blue subscription price to $19.99 a month, as per The Verge, which cited an internal correspondence source.

The report also states that Musk wanted his employees to come up with the new Twitter Blue version by November 7th, or else they’d be fired! Many employees are reportedly working late nights and weekends ever since Musk took office. And now, an additional pressure as such would suck them up.

Well, there are already reports that Musk is preparing to fire a bunch of employees who haven’t contributed to the code base much. Aside from this, it’s a bad hit for Twitter users too, who will soon be forced to subscribe to the new Twitter Blue if they want to keep their verified status alive.

The new Twitter under Elon Musk has already seen the homepage change for logged-out users, and a new council for content moderation is being set up to handle the content violations on the platform.


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