Months after relaunching a revamped Blue subscription, Twitter is now bringing this plan to everyone around the world.

Interested users can sign up to get verified badges on phone number verification, priority visibility in tweet replies, long text tweets, the ability to post high-quality videos, reduced ads, etc. Twitter Blue costs $8 a month in the US, and at similar rates in other regions by subscribing through the web.

Twitter Blue Global Expansion

If you’re following Twitter since its latest acquisition by Elon Musk, you must know how havoc it has been. One of the major incidents, in this case, is the relaunch of a revamped Blue subscription – which led anyone to buy the verified badge to their profile.

This led some to impersonate popular brands and create a downfall in their revenues! Though Twitter took steps to solve this, it has still been controversial. Anyhow, the company is now expanding its Blue subscription to all around the world, as announced today.

Though it didn’t mention all the countries it’s coming to, we assume the subscription to be available wherever Twitter is available. If you want to see this, go to your Twitter app or web and find the new Blue subscription option appearing in the Settings of Profile sections. Subscribing to it costs $8 a month in the US – if bought through the web.

The same costs $11 a month if bought through the Twitter app – to suffice the app store tax levied by Apple and Google. Well, you can also save $12 if subscribe to an annual plan at once.

Getting this will allow you to post longer and higher quality videos, edit and undo tweets, long posts of up to 4,000 characters limit, have a bookmark folder to save tweets, etc.

Well, subscribers would be more excited to get a verified check mark upon a phone number verification, seeing fewer ads and better visibility in the search and tweet replies. If you’re interested, go to your app and check for its availability, and subscribe.


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