Twitter is testing two new features for its users – 1080p video upload on the web and the creation of Community by anyone.

While the 1080p video upload support is only available only for Twitter Blue users, Community can be created by anyone and shared. This is similar to Facebook groups and lets users share tweets with only those who’re in the community.

Twitter New Features

What started as a simple announcements and news updating platform is now turned into one of the major social media platforms. Twitter has been adding a lot of new features lately, making it competitive in the social media industry.

We’ve seen the platform coming up with Spaces to compete with Clubhouse, and introducing ads in several sections to earn more revenue. And, it even introduced a paid version called Twitter Blue, which offers exclusive features only to the subscribers.

And if you’re a subscriber of Twitter Blue and using the platform through the web – rejoice, as you’re now able to upload any videos in 1080p quality. Videos of this clarity aren’t supported by Twitter to date, and as the testing began now, we may soon see this support rolling out to mobile clients too.

This can be seen in the Labs section in Twitter Blue. Aside from this, Twitter opens the Community feature to everyone – both paid and free users. To those unknown, Twitter Community is a group formed by one, with a name and description for it.

They can invite or let others voluntarily join the Community, and have conversations on certain topics. Moreover, anything that’s posted by anyone in a Community will be limited only to those people who’re part of it. All those tweets within the Community will not be shown on their timelines.

Initially, the creation of a Community has been hard and needs approval from Twitter for doing so. Now, anyone can create a Community on Twitter. This is available in several countries and can be seen with a banner welcoming the new feature.


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