Following the suite of several social media platforms and new publishers, Twitter on Tuesday revealed the Tor version of its platform.

Made and announced by Alec Muffett, a Tor site-making professional and an engineer, the new onion site of Twitter is censorship-resistant. This is aimed at those living in the areas where their respective governments blocked Twitter or censored content.

Twitter’s Dark Web Site

Censorship is one of the most common issues that citizens face, even though they’re given all the tools to voice their issues and viral them. This is because the government around the world are sanctioning them in the name of national security and privacy, which isn’t always the case.

Russia, for example, has blocked access to Facebook and Twitter this month amidst its war with Ukraine. The country reasoned this with the misinformation that these platforms are spreading in Russia, about the ongoing war. Yet, social media platforms and news publishers are finding a way to get in and make Russians learn what’s actually happening.

Twitter’s new Tor website is one among them! As announced by Alec Muffett on Tuesday morning, Twitter’s Tor version is censorship-resistant and accessible by anyone with an active internet connection. Just install the Tor browser and follow the onion URL to access the blocked platform.

Alec Muffett has earlier made Tor websites for The New York Times and Facebook too. And now, he revealed making this project in the critical times, for “providing greater privacy, integrity, trust, & ‘unblockability’ for people all around the world who use @Twitter to communicate.”

Though Twitter didn’t announce this publicly, the platform replied to Mashable as “Making our service more accessible is an ongoing priority for us,” and pointed to a list of web browsers that Twitter can be access, which now includes the Tor browser too.


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